‘New Media Venture Fund’ delivers media and advertising in return for equity

NMVF invests in listed and pre-IPO companies in the form of equity for media, with an aim to grow the business customer & revenue base

NMVF invests in growth companies that have the teams and process to scale

NMVF uses it’s network of award-winning advertising agencies to guide investments towards dynamic growth

New Media Venture Fund has been formed from media industry-founded intellectual property, and evolved through years of advising and scaling entrepreneurial businesses via advertising and media solutions

The Problem

Media has become fragmented and a far harder landscape to successfully navigate. Client businesses rarely carry the advertising expertise to use media and creative investments to their fullest extent This means that businesses overspend on marketing and fail to deliver the sales results that could be achieved with expert guidance

The Solution

New Media Venture Fund represents a unique opportunity to accelerate business growth by partnership with advertising expertise and resources. We deliver advertising in return for equity or debt by using our award winning advertising agencies to drive our investments towards dynamic growth

"Brand Led Businesses Outpace the Competition + 433%"

Simplicity portfolio growth

The data is clear on why this approach gives our investments a competitive advantage in market

How Advertising works to drive returns

We screen numerous potential acquisitions through our 5-step process to determine whether they meet our strict investment criteria

Management Team

Aaron Monks

Founder and Managing Partner of New Media Venture Fund

Aaron drives the strategic direction of the company; including investment strategy, partnerships, investor relations and fund performance. Aaron is a highly experienced Media and Business professional.

Aaron’s key strength is driving substantial business growth and has a history of success in leading many of Australia’s best-known brands in their media and business strategy. With a particular mastery for connecting businesses and partnerships, Aaron has led multiple media, retail and technology businesses to successful exits.

Michael Taylor

Commercial Partner of New Media Venture Fund

Michael drives the integration of new companies into the group and is responsible for; developing progressive partnerships between companies, driving award winning culture and finding incremental revenue streams. Michael is a dynamic leader with a passion for developing companies with a culture to not only win but win consistently.

With a background in law and behavioural psychology, Michael has managed the global expansion and exits across FMCG and tech sector businesses while maintaining industry leading margins and cultural performance indicators. With the insight to connect the dots in a way that others don’t see, Michael creates organizational clarity and highly cohesive teams focussed on success.

Jamie Cohen

Founder and Managing Director

Jamie is one of the Founders and Managing Directors of both Clockwork Films Pty Ltd and Clockwork Films New Zealand. Jamie controls strategic direction and growth, as well as new business, client relationships and partnerships. With impressive and lengthy experience in both agency and direct to client relationships, Jamie is a highly respected figure in the production industry landscape.

His marketing experience extends to ownership in global marketing venture, responsible for increasing the online presence and performance of clients, from small business to large multinational retailers. Leading Clockwork Films to become one of the fastest growing businesses in Australia, as featured in the BRW Fast 100, Jamie has a particular aptitude for recognising opportunities for growth and expansion beyond the status quo.


Aaron Monks

EA Louise Williams



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